Salt of the Earth is a family run business that started about 13 (thirteen) years ago. Peter Lowe (Father) and Kelsey Lowe (Daughter) started packing Himalayan Salt and organic pepper in a flat in the back of their property and have never looked back. From the start we aimed to provide good products at affordable prices and pride ourselves on our friendly and knowledgeable service. As the Salt of the Earth grew our little home outlet just wasn’t cutting it so the only thing to do was expand. In early 2017 we opened the doors of our little health shop in Pietermaritzburg. We were so proud of our two shelves that had more gaps then products, but we had done it. Over the next year and a half, we added a shelf and then another and then another and just like that our little health shop was bursting at the seams and it was time for our new chapter to begin.